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Nathaniel knew his friend was special when he met him in the temple. His wisdom at twelve was astonishing, and he seemed to know things and do things that couldn’t be explained. Little did Nathaniel know his friend, whom he doubted, would change history and eternity.

In Nathaniel, walk with young Nathaniel as he experiences the adventure, the difficulty, and the pain of friendship with his astonishing friend—the boy Jesus of Nazareth. As Nathaniel and Jesus grow up together as children in the city of Nazareth, Nathaniel bears witness to the curious life of a young Jesus and his miraculous powers—even though it could sometimes seem unbelievable. As they grow into adulthood together, Nathaniel must come to terms with his own doubt about who this man Jesus really is.

Author Tripp Davis weaves together a touching coming-of-age story with passages from the Bible to bring us closer to Christ and help us, like Nathaniel, recognize the significance and power of the risen Christ—before it is too late.

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